Whether you are a teen active in community service, a teen looking to become a volunteer, a representative of an organization looking to engage teens,  or simply interested in teen volunteerism, we’re glad you’re here.

Teens make a difference in our communities, our schools and our neighborhoods. So, let’s celebrate our volunteerism and invite other teens to join us!

Volunteering can even come with puppy hugs! (Photo: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, Utah, September, 2011)

We spent six months traveling around the country during the Do Good Adventure 2011-12 Road Trip. We covered more than 12,500 driving miles and volunteered at teen friendly organizations along the way. We met with teen volunteers and asked what they need in order to become more engaged in their activities. We’ve asked organizations how they successfully involved teens in their work. We are appreciative to all the people who opened their organizations, imaginations and hearts to us along the way and are proud  to share what we learned through this site.

Are you a teen who wants help finding or creating an organization? We’ve got  resources to get you started. If you represent an organization that wants to be more teen friendly, we’ve got information for you too.

Enjoy your adventure…